School campus is equipped with all modern amenities and state of art infrastructure. Pollution free and a natural surrounding welcome the students. Vast open space gives a feeling of 'relaxation' to both mind and body. Building is well illuminated and ventilated with spacious classrooms that make learning real fun.

Smart Class

Smart classes are provided to enhance multi-sensory learning. IHA is furnished with High-Tech smart classes where it allows students to see concepts beyond chalk and board. With the help of latest software and hardware, students can come more close to reality via audio visual learning. Interactive board allows them to practice science, mathematics and language concept in real time.


The school offers a well-qualified counselor to provide emotional support and guidance to the students. Parents are welcomed to consult them in case there are any psychological, educational or emotional problems.


Safe and secure in house transportation facility is available in school, considering safety measures lady conductor is also appointed.

Medical Checkups

Health is wealth... keeping this in mind foremost medical checkups are organized by the school on a regular basis, so that any deficiency can be corrected at once .

Recovery Room

The IHA has a well-equipped First - Aid Room and also the services of a qualified nurse/ attainder.

Security & Surveillance

The entire premises is monitored by C.C.T.V. cameras for security purposes.


Books in the library are not just to adorn the shelves but they are the medium to attain knowledge and enhance the thorough learning process of a child. IHA has well stocked library with more then five thousand latest books, periodicals, journals and other reading material

Adventure Park

Life is full of challenges and qualities like courage, risk taking capacity, alertness prepares a person to face these challenges and emerge as a victor. Adventure park at IHA will inculcate the “spirit to face challenges” in the children.


IHA has advanced physics, chemistry, biology, composit, Computer and maths lab in the school. Labs are spacious and Well equipped with latest equipments and facilities.